Effects of Cocoa Butter on African American Skin

Raw cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the cream that is made from cocoa beans. It has an almost chocolaty scent and is used as a fragrance as well as an ingredient in skin care products. Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer for the body. If you are an African American, it can be good for a variety of skin ailments.

The Moisturizing Effects

Dry skin on African Americans presents itself as a whitish tinge to the skin that is known as ash. Ash makes the skin look scaly and dull. Cocoa butter can also improve the texture of the skin and combat ash. Rub it all over the body in the morning, and it will keep ash away and moisturize the skin all day.

Stretch Marks

African American women who are expecting babies can use cocoa butter on their abdomens and hips to prevent stretch marks from appearing. Emollient lotions can help keep stretch marks from appearing on healthy skin and it can also help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that have already formed on the skin. Use it frequently, at least twice a day to see a noticeable lightening of stretch marks.


Another one of the effects of cocoa butter on African American skin is that it helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots that are caused by hyperpigmentation. Use it on your face for a more even skin tone. It can also be used on the legs and other parts of the body to even dark spots from hyperpigmentation resulting from acne or insect bites. Use cocoa butter and watch the dark spot from old injuries fade and maybe even disappear. Dark spots from chicken pots, ring worms, mosquito bites, or old cuts and burns do not have to leave you marked for the rest of your life.

Smoothes Rough Knees and Elbows

Daily use of cocoa butter will help smooth and soften rough areas like knees and elbows. Use a loofah to slough away the rough spots and then add the butter to moisturize and smooth those areas. Regular use will also help to fade the dark spots on these areas, giving you a more even skin tone on unsightly knees and elbows.

Other Uses for Cocoa Butter

  • Use on the lips to eliminate dry skin and chapped lips during the winter months.
  • Use as a hand cream, to soften the hands after washing them.
  • It can also sooth minor skin irritations.

Where to Buy Cocoa Butter

Buy cocoa butter products in drugstores and discount stores. Palmer's Cocoa Butter is a popular product found in drugstores, discount stores and beauty supply stores. Pure versions are found in health food stores or stores where primarily products with natural ingredients are sold. Read the label when buying products because some actually have very little cocoa butter in them. Cocoa butter is readily available in the United States, and many African Americans consider it to be an essential beauty and skincare product for all members of their families.

Effects of Cocoa Butter on African American Skin