Best Skin Care Line for Acne-Prone Aging Skin

Monica Patrick
Aging skin with acne

If you're wondering about the best skin care line for acne prone aging skin, you won't have to look far. There are many brands that cater to this skin type.

About Acne and Aging

Chronic acne can affect anyone from teenagers to adults, male and female. Fighting acne may end up being a lifetime challenge for some. When you get past 30 or 40, you may have additional skin care concerns other than acne. Tiny lines around the eyes, sagging around the nose and mouth may make you look older. After noticing these slight changes in your skin, you will need skin care products not only to treat your blemishes but the seven signs of aging too. A natural question to ask is, "What is the best skin care line for acne prone aging skin?"

The Best Skin Care Line for Acne Prone Aging Skin

The key to treating your acne and fighting the appearance of aging skin is to find the best skin acne care products for you. You need a balanced product that will give your skin lots of love without making it feel greasy or oily. The last thing you want to do is heap oil on skin that is prone to getting cystic nodules.The good news is many anti-aging products work great on oily, acne-prone skin and may even smooth scars and diminish redness.

If you are unsure about how your skin will respond to new skin care products, visit your dermatologist first. Alternatively you might try sample size skin care products before making large investments in new products. No two faces are the same. The best skin care line for your friend may not work for you. Try these skin care product suggestions for acne prone aging skin.


Neutrogena first opened its doors in 1930. Today Neutrogena is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. This company has a faithful following; many acne sufferers rely on their products to treat acne and fight aging. Notable products are the Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser and the Complete Acne Therapy. Neutrogena has cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers and skin treatment products for different types of acne.

Oil of Olay

You can find Oil of Olay products at any department store or pharmacy. The Regenerist skin care line was specifically made for anti-aging and skin smoothing. Good products to try are the Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir and the Micro Sculpting Serum. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect your skin with Oil of Olay products, specifically of the Regenerist skin care line.


Avon is a name everyone who loves beauty knows. In recent years, Avon has launched several successful skin care lines for acne prone skin. The Anew brand of skin care fits into three age categories. For the 30 plus group there is Rejuvenate. This line is designed to fight the initial signs of aging. People 40 and over will find Reversalist better for their moderate aging skin needs. Ultimate Anew is for men and women 50 years and older. Ultimate products make skin feel supple, look younger without aggravating acne problems.

Ingredients to Avoid

While searching for your new skin care goodies pay attention to the labels. Some ingredients are just plain wrong for acne users. This list will help you identify ingredients that will do more harm than good. Skip the products if you see these ingredients.

Algae Extract

Everything that comes from nature is not good for your skin, including algae extract. You may see algae extract listed as seaweed extract or gleidiela acerosa extract. This ingredient is a huge pore clogger.

Sodium Chloride

It's just salt but boy will it do a number on your face. Applying salt to your face is fine if you want your skin to look similar to a leather saddlebag. Salt is too dry and harsh for your acne prone skin.

Octyl Stearate

Although it is commonly used in moisturizers it is not good for skin that is prone to blemish. Don't try to fight aging with this harsh ingredient, you'll end up with more bumps.

Skin Care Products for Your Skin

Never give up hope for better looking skin. At some point in life, we all have to change products for various reasons. Fighting the signs of aging is as good a reason as any.

Best Skin Care Line for Acne-Prone Aging Skin