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302 Skincare is a professional line of luxe skin care products that help treat everything from aging to rosacea. The products are tailored to specific skin types and conditions and are sold exclusively through skincare professionals, who will diagnose your skin and select the appropriate products.

302 Skincare Technology

The basis behind this professional skincare brand lies in avocatin, a class of compounds that is derived from a popular food - avocados. The molecule was discovered by chance when a team of researchers working on a project in a rainforest community of Guatemala noticed that the residents' skin showed resilience and texture from their avocado-rich diet.

Product Lines

302 Skincare groups its products into six different categories:

  • Actives
  • Sensitive/Rosacea Rx
  • Cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Sun Protection
  • Special Applications


The Actives line contains 11 products that are super concentrated and targeted to do everything from heal acne to lighten discoloration.

  • 302 Drops is a concentrated liquid that moisturizes and normalizes troubled and aging skin
  • 302 Serum is perfect for acne and wrinkles
  • 302 Plus Serum moisturizes, boosts circulation and is ideal for mature skin types
  • 302 Acne Drops normalizes acne-prone skin and reduces inflammation
  • Acne Mist kills bacteria and reduces inflammation
  • Eye Firming Serum plumps, smoothes and retexturizes
  • A-Boost is a vitamin A product that improves the texture of sun-damaged skin
  • Clarity normalizes oil production and reduces acne blemishes
  • C-Boost is a treatment used up to three times per week to reduce the appearance of sun damage
  • Lightening Drops help fade spots and discoloration
  • Lightening: Decollete and Hand reduces discoloration on the neck and hands

Sensitive/Rosacea Rx

The Sensitive/Rosacea Rx line is a 10-product collection developed specifically to calm red, irritated skin.

  • 302 Drops Rx helps soothe very sensitive and irritated skin
  • 302 Rosacea Drops Rx helps calm, soften and normalize skin
  • 302 Body and Scalp Drops Rx helps heal itchy, irritated skin
  • C-Boost Rx is a fragrance-free version of C-Boost that is gentle on sensitive skin
  • Ointment Rx helps heal raw, inflamed skin
  • Sensitive Cleanser Rx is an ultra-mild, non-drying cleanser
  • Calming Mist Rx is a light, moisturizing mist that reduces redness and irritation
  • Moisturizing Drops Rx is a fragrance-free version of Moisturizing Drops that hydrates very sensitive skin
  • Recovery Plus Rx is a creamy lotion that moisturizes without a greasy feel
  • Recovery Plus: Intensive Rx is a rich moisturizer for very sensitive skin


302 Skincare offers six different cleansers for a variety of skin types, including normal, oily and acne prone.

facial cleansing
  • 302 Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser appropriate for all skin types
  • Normal/Dry Cleanser is a rich lotion cleanser that calms and hydrates
  • Oily/Combination Cleanser helps regulate over-oily complexions
  • Sensitive Cleanser is a soothing, moisturizing cleanser
  • Acne Cleanser is sulfur-based and kills bacteria without overdrying skin
  • Face & Body Bar is a skin-softening cleansing bar that can be used from head to toe

Body Moisturizers

There are two different body moisturizers in the 302 Skincare range that hydrate skin without a residue.

  • 302 Body Treatment contains essential oils to soften skin and also reduce signs of aging on the body
  • 302 Body Treatment Intensive is a richer moisturizer than the original for extremely dry body skin

Sun Protection

A range of sunscreen products, in both tinted and untinted varieties help protect delicate skin from incurring sun damage.

  • SPF 15 is a light sunscreen that hydrates skin. It's available in both Tinted and Untinted formulas
  • SPF 30 protects from environmental aggressors and is available in both Tinted and Untinted formulas
  • Recovery Minerals contains SPF 30 sun protection and provides light coverage for sensitive skin

Special Applications

This three-product collection features two self-tanners and a lip balm.

  • Self-Tanner is a light, moisturizing sunless tanner that provides a rich tan sans orange or yellow tones. It's available in both a mist and a gel formula
  • Lip Balm soothes and heals dry, chapped lips with avocado and jojoba lipids

Locate a Professional

If you're in the market for a new skin care range and are looking for treatment-based products that help reduce the signs of aging, calm irritated skin and heal acne, visit the 302 Skincare website to locate a professional in your area who can diagnose your skin and recommend the right treatment protocol.

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