Avene Skin Care

Avene Skin Care

Avene skin care is known in Europe as a solution to many common skin ailments. Now touted as the "#1 dermo-cosmetic brand in French pharmacies," the company has made its products available for purchase in the United States. Avene is a moderately priced product that has a long-established following and history.

History Behind Avene Skin Care

Avene skin care products stemmed from the use of the water from a natural thermal spring near the village of Avene, France over 250 years ago.

In 1743, baths were built using the spring water. People believed that the waters had healing power. Later, a hydrotherapy center was made around the baths. The spring became famous with an 1874 declaration by the President of the Republic of France, who made it of "public interest" and officially approved it as a dermatological hydrotherapy center.

One hundred years later, the spring came to the attention of a pharmaceutical company who began testing the spring's waters. Now, with over 150 clinical tests done by the company and independent labs, research suggests that soothing and softening properties of the water can help people with sensitive skin and other conditions.

The Avene Hydrotherapy Center was opened in 1990 to serve adults and children with special skin care needs.

How Avene Works

The spring water packaged in all Avene skin care products flows down the Cevennes Mountains. While it flows, it absorbs small amounts of minerals and elements. Low in mineral content, rich in silica, and bacterially pure, it has properties thought to be useful in a skin care regimen.

The pharmaceutical company's lab created a line of products called Eau Thermale Avenue. Based on the water from the spring, this line works by creating specialized formulas within several categories of skin care needs:

All products have been tested and approved for use by dermatologists on sensitive skin.

For example, a highlighted product is the Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25. This product has a light green color to reduce the look of redness. Avene thermal spring water promotes softening and soothing of the skin. Ruscus extract also helps minimize redness and blotchiness. Sunscreen prevents future redness from sun damage and burn.

Finding Avene Products

A buyer's locater is available at the company's website. Physicians can also dispense specialized products developed just for them. Another option is to buy from online retailers like epharmacy and DermStore.

Before purchasing Avene skin care products, read reviews to determine the best purchase for your skin's specialized needs. MakeupAlley provides real life consumer reviews on different products in the Avene line. This website lists the products, along with an average rating (5 is highest), the number of reviews, and the percentage of people who said they would buy the product again. It also gives comments from the people who chose to participate, although signing up for the site is required to view the comments about Avene Skin Care Products.

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Avene Skin Care