Body Wrap

body wrap

The body wrap is a luxurious treatment if ever there was one. Promising to tone, tighten, moisturize, cleanse and invigorate, the wrap is renowned for its stress-reducing and skin-energizing properties. In recent years, the treatment has gained popularity, in part due to the many spas offering wraps on their menus. Several types of body wraps exist, each utilizing a different substance and achieving a unique result.

The Body Wrap Process

Prior to being wrapped, the body is gently exfoliated with either a dry brush or mild scrub. This effectively prepares the body for wrapping, ridding it of dead skin cells and allowing for smoother application of the substance.

A variety of substances are used in body wraps, including mud, herbs, clay, seaweed, lotion and aloe. The product of choice is applied to the body (leaving the breast and genital areas covered with towels). The body is then wrapped in one of several types of covers. The most commonly used covers are plastic sheets, linen cloths, towels, Mylar sheets and bandages. While the body is wrapped, it generates heat. This allows for greater absorption of the substance into the skin.

After 20 minutes, the body is unwrapped and rinsed briefly by an attendant. A generous application of warm lotion is then applied to the body.

Body Wrap Types and Benefits

A variety of body wraps are available, each tailored to the unique needs of the client. The following is a list of types of wraps and their benefits:

Mud Wrap

The mud is rich and warm, the experience exceptionally soothing and nourishing. Similar to a mud bath, the mud wrap involves slathering the body with the thick substance (it is typically painted on with a large, gentle brush). The body is then wrapped in plastic and covered with warm linens. The mud is removed after a brief rest period and followed by an optional massage.

This treatment hydrates, tones and detoxifies the skin. It infuses the body with minerals and trace elements, the effects of which are second to none when it comes to stress relief and relaxation.

Herbal Wrap

Warm linens soaked in a mixture of oils are wrapped around the body. The combination of heat and aroma is pleasantly intoxicating - the body is deeply relaxed, the mind thoroughly tranquil. The use of heat stimulates detoxification, resulting in exceptionally soft, supple skin.This treatment, and any that involves an exceptionally heated climate, is not recommended for those who are hypertensive, pregnant or have serious medical conditions. Consult your physician before undergoing treatment.

Sea Clay Wrap

This body wrap acts as a natural body contour, cleansing the skin and fat cells of harmful toxins. As the cells compact, the body essentially shrinks. The treatment promises to help clients lose inches from their bodies through a series of wraps.Many spas guarantee a loss of at least six inches. Regardless, it is important to note that individual results will vary. This is not a weight loss technique.

Parafango Wrap

Parafango, a combination of paraffin (wax) and fango (mud), is typically used to decrease the appearance of cellulite. The body is covered in the mixture, wrapped with warm linens and left to rest for about an hour. The Parafango draws out toxins while the heated wrap compresses fatty tissue. The result is firmer, tighter skin.This wrap is also used to treat muscle soreness. The substance encourages deep stimulation and increases circulation.

Seaweed Wrap

A concoction of seaweed gel, ocean minerals and essential oils is applied to the body. Warm thermal linens are then wrapped around the body, allowing the mixture to deeply penetrate the skin. This treatment encourages intense detoxification and purification.Seaweed absorbs almost all of the ocean's minerals and vitamins and is considered one of the world's most natural healing treatments.

Wrapping at Home

Though not nearly as easy to accomplish at home, it is possible to reap the benefits of a relaxing wrap without traveling to a spa. It may help to have a good friend or significant other assist you, particularly if the substance you choose requires hand-to-body application. Other substances are mixed into bathwater, making it easier to use. The following is a selection of at-home body wraps.

Body Wrap