Botox Injections in Lips

Woman getting botox injected in her lips
Botox injections plump lips while concealing fine lines.

In an effort to morph lips into a sexy and sensual pout, many women consider Botox injections in lips to be an effective solution with little side effects.

All About Botox

Botox, a purified protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, has been successfully used for over twelve years to treat patients with uncontrolled muscle spasms of the eyelids, such as tics, as well as many other medical conditions. Injected into the targeted facial muscle or lip, Botox blocks impulses from the nerves to the muscle, causing the muscles to relax and not contract. In turn, the overlying skin becomes smoother with few lines and less wrinkles. Effects of the treatment are visible immediately, making Botox a quick and easy fix for wrinkle treatment and visible signs of aging.

Botox Injections in Lips

Many celebrities head straight to the surgeon several times per year to perfect their pout prior to big screen appearances or red carpet rendezvous. Botox lip injections can give you a sexy pout with instant gratification.

Unlike collagen injections, Botox is primarily used to treat wrinkles. The injection of Botox into the lips will not compare to the favored creams, gels and fillers primarily used for lip plumping. However, Botox is a great solution for someone seeking line or wrinkle removal close to the lip, which will in turn plump the lips and cause them to appear fuller. Added benefit of Botox injections: they do not cause any of the ill side effects such as redness, rash, and swelling more commonly associated with conventional lip injections. Patients who receive Botox lip injections can go about their daily activities and attend social functions or special events immediately following the procedure.

Lip Plumping Procedure

Botox is injected into the lips using a very fine needle, targeting the lip muscle group, often several times for best results.

Although the idea of injecting a small needle into the lip may seem painful, a lip Botox procedure is relatively quick and painless. Many patients have compared the sensation of Botox injections to a bee sting. Expect the procedure to last anywhere from five to thirty minutes.

Lip injections can be repeated as often as necessary, as they are only temporary. Expect that your plump pout will begin to lose its volume within two to four months.

Planning Your Plump

Its always best to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who specializes in Botox injections prior to taking the plunge. A full medical evaluation should be performed prior to any medical procedure. It is advised that patients ready for injections avoid the consumption of Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications two to three days prior to the procedure to minimize bruising effects.

The great news about Botox injections is that they are an "in and out" office procedure. No sedation or anesthetic is required, and most patients can resume normal activities immediately. No need for a chauffeur either - you can easily drive yourself to and from the treatment site without inconvenience or uncomfortable side effects.

Lip Plumping Alternatives

If you're on a quest for a perky pout but don't have the means to shell out the three to five hundred dollar procedure fee on lip injections, consider Botox alternatives. There are many cosmetic lip products that claim they can plump your pucker upon application. Be advised that many of these lip plumpers cause a slight stinging sensation, and many people find they are allergic to them.

Either way, experimenting with these products can be cost effective and potentially a good solution should you find a product that works for you. Try the top rated Lip Fusion XL, which combines active collagen with hyaluronic acid to plump lips overnight.

In a world where looks undeservedly dominate the social scene, try not to get too caught up in physical beauty. Play up your best features, whether that be your eyes or your legs and plump up your pout the old school way: line those lips with a neutral lip liner, extending their natural shape, and fill in with a rosy brown lipstick. A dab of high shine gloss in the center of your lower lip will spotlight that sexy and natural pout!


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Botox Injections in Lips