Finding Bubble Bath Gift Sets

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Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or want to add a relaxing element to your bath routine, there are a wide variety of bubble bath sets to meet your needs. You can find great sets in a range of prices to match any budget.

Sets Women Will Love

You can find bubble bath set at most discount and department stores, as well as specialty stores. Some popular options that women will enjoy include:


Philosophy products are named with uplifting messages and formulated from ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Some great gift sets to check out include:

  • congrats!: This set includes three scents that work as both shower gels and bubble bath liquids. It is priced under $30 and has a built-in message of congratulations, making it a great option for graduation, shower or wedding gifts.
  • living grace bath duo: This set has a light, clean scent and is designed to moisturize the skin and hair. It contains a 16-ounce combination shampoo/bubble bath/shower gel and another bottle of firming body lotion. This set is priced around $50.


LUSH features a range of handmade, all natural products for the bath and the body. Some to check out include:

  • Blooming Beautiful: Priced just under $30, this set comes in a beautifully wrapped box. The set comes with bath bombs in Sakura and Sex Bomb, with a bubble bar in Rose Jam.
  • Happy Bathday: This set is priced under $45, and features several color varieties of bath bombs and a Comforter bubble bar. It's a great birthday gift, or any time you want to share a little pampering luxury with a special friend or loved one.

Sets Just for Kids

Kids love bubble baths as much as adults, and there are plenty of options designed just for youngsters. Add a special touch to bath time with the following sets:

  • California Baby Bubble Bath Set: Priced around $50, this gift set of five bubble baths will pamper your little one with calming and comforting bubbles. These bubble baths are designed to relieve cold and flu symptoms, as well as to relax your child while in the bath.
  • Honest Bath Time Gift Set: This set sold by Bed, Bath and Beyond features a variety of products including bubble bath, shampoo and body wash, conditioner, lotion and oil. Each item is made with natural botanicals designed to soothe and soften skin. This set is suitable for babies and children, but adults can use it too. It sell for about $50.

For the Men

Many men enjoy a tub filled with relaxing bubbles, though they are likely to have different scent preferences that women and children. A few set designed with men in mind is:

Something for Everyone

Bubble bath sets are ideal for everyone in the family. From kids to adults, bubbles add a special element to your bath time routine. You can find sets that are gentle to the skin, scented with fabulous fragrance as well as ones that are organic and chemical free.

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Finding Bubble Bath Gift Sets