Bubble Bath Soap for Kids

Little girl playing in her bubble bath
Kids love bubbles!

Splish, splash, it's time to take a bath, and your little ones will love every minute of it if you pour some bubble bath soap for kids into the water. While bath time doesn't typically incite roars of excitement, the addition of a few bubbly suds is sure to do the trick.

About Bubble Bath

It might mean a bit of a mess for you to clean up, but there's no denying the appeal of a tub full of bubbles for children. Bubble baths can transform a daily chore into something much more enjoyable. Adults love a long soak in the tub after a hectic day; kids enjoy it more for the sheer fun of immersing themselves in effervescent foam and watching those bubbles pop!

Bubble baths aren't just about the suds, though! These concoctions carry with them plenty of beneficial features that are good for your mind and body, including:

  • Moisturizers: Some bubble bath formulas contain ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, which keep the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Scents: Whether it's aromatherapeutic lavender for the adults or a mouthwatering bubble gum for the kids, there's something for everyone in the sweetly-scented world of bubble baths.
  • Stress Relief: It's a winning combination: An aromatherapy bubble bath and hot water is just the thing to relax tired muscles and wind down after a long day.

Of course, kids are mostly in it for the fun! Let's take a look at different types of bubble bath soap for kids and the various benefits they provide your little ones.

Types of Bubble Bath Soap for Kids

Pamper your little ones with these special bubble baths targeted especially towards children. It's easy to see exactly why they appeal to kids - these products are as enticing as a bowl of candy or a store full of toys!

Not Soap, Radio Goop

Ever wished you could just douse yourself in slime? No, didn't think so. Kids, though, will flip for Not Soap, Radio Goop, a sticky substance that transforms into bubble bath as soon as it's poured into water. Available in a variety of intriguing scents (including sugar cookie, fruit punch and fresh laundry), these bubble baths address specific issues that children may deal with. Whether it's loneliness, anger, fear or separation anxiety, each bottle contains information that parents can read to their kids as the little ones enjoy the bubbles!

Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants, of course! If your children are crazy about the little yellow sea critter, it's a fair bet they'll love the Spongebob-themed bubble bath collection. Available in several scents, the bottles each feature playful images. Other popular characters, such as Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse, are also readily available. You'll find them at your local grocery and drugstores.

California Baby

Free of potentially harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and numbing agents, California Baby's bubble baths are suitable for anyone who is concerned about the risk of bladder infections and for those with sensitive skin. These gentle, soothing baths are available in a variety of aromatherapeutic scents and are appropriate for everyone from newborns to adults.

Rainbow Research

Not only will the kids have a blast, but you'll also feel steadfastly confident that you're bathing them in the best possible products for their delicate skin. Rainbow Research bubble baths, available in kid-friendly scents like Berry Banana Blast and Sweet Dreams, contain aloe vera and vitamin E, to gently moisturize and protect.

Skin Care Baby

If baby has easily irritated, sensitive skin, he requires the very best in pampering, natural products. A bubble bath by Skin Care Baby may just do the trick! It's concocted of purely organic ingredients, including coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and select botanical extracts. A variety of pure essential oils add a pleasing aroma that's sure to make baby's bath a relaxing one. This is also ideal for anyone, child or adult, who suffers from eczema or otherwise sensitive skin!

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Bubble Bath Soap for Kids