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Article Highlight: Expert Answers on New Sunscreen Guidelines

The FDA's establishment of new measures regarding sunscreens is designed to help protect consumers. The measures include new testing for sunscreens and new labeling rules; compliance will be required by manufacturers… Keep reading »

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Skin Care

Keeping skin healthy is a top priority not only for looks but also to keep the body healthy and ward off disease. Expert interviews are designed to give you the most current and accurate information about skin and nail care.

Skin Health Advice

If you want to improve your skin's health and learn about potential medical concerns, LoveToKnow Skin Care's expert interviews cover several areas of concern with helpful tips for you.

Self Care and Your Skin

Caring for yourself can also help your skin.

  • Reduce stress: Learn about how to care for yourself with spa quality body products, creating an at-home spa experience.
  • Pamper yourself: Every woman enjoys treating themselves and relaxing with the best pedicure you can find.
  • Nutritional interventions: Did you know eating certain foods and green tea can provide beneficial antioxidants to promote better skin health and reduce inflammation?

Deciding on Plastic Surgery

In some cases you may want to consider plastic surgery to improve your looks and boost your self esteem. Find advice on choosing cosmetic surgery and the concerns associated with it as well as how to choose the best plastic surgeon for you.

Healthy Skin Is Important

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and proper care is not only good for your looks, but vital for your overall health. Pampering your skin is also a wonderful way to reduce stress and find some calm in a busy, hectic life.

Skin Care Expert Interviews