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Article Highlight: How to Clean Stained Gel Nails

It can be extremely frustrating when you've just had a gel manicure and then you accidentally stain your nails. Whether the stain is food, pens, or hair dye, there are many ways you can quickly and efficiently… Keep reading »

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unique black and gem nail design
Unique Nail Designs

Your nails are part of you, and they deserve to be treated with care, too. Nail care is important for everyone -- whether you like a simple look with natural nails, or you like to experiment with the hottest shades of nail polish and new ideas for nail designs. The LoveToKnow Nail Care and Designs category is a reliable resource where you can find out what you need to keep your nails beautiful and healthy.

Caring for Your Nails

Your hands are one of the first things people see, and having healthy, attractive nails can help you to feel confidant about the way you look. From nail problems, such as nail fungus, to information on how to find a good nail salon, this website provides a variety of informative articles on topics related to nail care.

Take our fun nail care quiz to make sure you have all the basics covered and review articles that answer any questions you may have. Examples include:

  • Caring for splitting fingernails
  • Going back to natural nails after having acrylics
  • Tips to grow and maintain long nails
  • Nail care product brands, including popular lines like Sally Hansen and OPI
  • What to do about white spots on your fingernails

Nail Enhancement and Design

Once you've discovered how to get healthy nails, it's time to show them off. Whether you want nail ideas for a special occasion, such as prom, or you just want inspiration for some simple nail art for every day, you'll find many resources on nail color, art, and design when you visit this site. Options include:

Nail Resource You Can Count On

If you want to learn just about anything related to beautiful, healthy nails, you can find it here. If you have questions that you don't see answered here, feel free to stop by the LoveToKnow Makeup Advice Community to ask a question for experts and community members to answer. You can even follow the LoveToKnow Beauty Page on Facebook for nail care and design tips, as well as other beauty-related topics. Of course, also come back to the site category often to see the latest articles and exclusive interviews with skin and nail care experts!

Nail Care and Designs