How to Remove Crow's Feet

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Crow's feet, like many other types of facial wrinkles, are affected by a number of different factors. Sun exposure can be a significant factor in contributing to the severity of these wrinkles. Normal facial movements and expressions are also partly to blame; frequent squinting can also worsen the lines. Hormones and gravity are also factors that are difficult to control.

Prevention of Crow's Feet

While there are undoubtedly a barrage of factors that are difficult to control when it comes to wrinkles around the eye, rest assured that today there are a wide variety of prevention and treatment options.

Preventing Sun Exposure

Preventing crow's feet can start at an early age. Since sun exposure is cumulative, and contributes greatly to wrinkles around the eyes, limit sun exposure from childhood on. Other ways of limiting sun exposure to prevent lines around the eyes include:

  • Wearing wide-brimmed or capped hats to keep sun away from the facial and eye-area skin
  • Wearing sunglasses, particularly those with shielded sides, year round (This additionally helps prevent squinting.)
  • Applying a daily eye cream that contains sunscreen, or a sunscreen specifically formulated for the eye area -- especially important during periods when sun exposure is unavoidable

Other Prevention Tips

While crow's feet may not be entirely preventable, the following tips may help lessen their severity:

  • Wear glasses or contacts if necessary to avoid squinting
  • Avoid pulling, tugging, and rubbing the delicate skin around the eye area
  • Remove eye makeup each night, and only use gentle makeup removers specially formulated for use around the eye area
  • Quit, or don't start, smoking -- people who smoke have significantly more crow's feet, and often at an earlier age
  • Avoid spending lengthy periods of time in smoke-filled rooms.
  • Facial Exercises can help strengthen the muscles around the eye area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Preventative Eye Creams

Wearing preventative eye wrinkle cream is beneficial for a number of reasons, and helping to prevent crow's feet is on the list. Any moisturizing eye cream can aid in the prevention of these lines because it helps add moisture and elasticize the skin. Skin that retains more moisture yields more easily to natural facial movements, therefore there is less stress and strain placed on the delicate eye area. There are many eye creams available. Read carefully when you choose as many night creams are much thicker and inappropriate for daytime wear.

Treatment Options

Even with the best prevention, most of us will end up with at least minor crow's feet. Even if yours are numerous or severe, however, there are treatment options available.

Treatment Creams

  • Glycolic Acid: Eye creams containing glycolic acid (such as Murasome Eye Complex 10 by Murad) can help minimize the appearance of crow's lines. The glycolic acids helps remove dead skin cells and makes the skin appear smoother.
  • Firming Creams: As the skin ages, it loses its natural elasticity. Firming creams, such as OkuSil Intensive Eye Serum, firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Laser Treatments and Thermage

A laser treatment, where the skin is targeted with light frequencies, is often beneficial in reducing the appearance of lines around the eye. Repeated treatments are typically necessary.Another alternative is thermage, which is a technique that uses radio-frequencies. This non-invasive procedure targets specific areas like crow's feet and forehead lines. Although comparable to laser treatment, thermage is said to target more deeply than lasers.


Botox is one of the most well-known options for treating crow's feet. Purified injections of the botulism toxin are injected into the affected areas, and this temporarily paralyzes the muscles. The result is a diminished appearance of wrinkles in the treated areas. Injections may last four to six months before repeat treatment is necessary.

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