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Applying roll-on deodorant

More than a deodorant, Maxim is marketed as a treatment for excessive sweating. According to its website, it has helped thousands of people with hyperhidrosis, which is the scientific name for this issue. The roll-on antiperspirant is designed to both mask and hopefully eliminate this problem. It can be purchased without a prescription, although it is similar to many prescription deodorant products.

How Deodorant Maxim Works

Maxim is a product specifically for people that have severe problems with sweating and is not intended for the average deodorant user. As such, there is a specific way that users are asked to apply it. Instead of putting it on in the morning, they are supposed to apply it to their underarms before they go to bed. This allows ample time for the product to be absorbed into the skin before wearers shower and get ready for their day.

For the first few months, users are asked to apply the deodorant Maxim every night. Once they see a consistent improvement, they can begin to apply it less often, as little as once every two weeks. They are welcome to use other deodorant products as well, though some people may not need to do so.

Maxim can also be applied to the forehead, feet, cheeks and hands, which are other areas that can be affected by heavy sweating, especially due to hormones or anxiety. It's recommended that a person apply it to the face using his or her fingertips instead of the roll-on ball. The same timetable should be followed for these areas as for the underarms.

Buying Maxim

Maxim is available online in four different varieties:

  • Maxim One Pack - This includes one bottle of Maxim antiperspirant, which is good for daily use for approximately three months.
  • Maxim Four Pack - Buying four bottles of Maxim eliminates the need for regular reorders, lasting the user about one year.
  • Maxim Wipes Pack - These wipes, with tea tree and lemon oils, allow the user to pack Maxim in their bags to use on the go. Each is individually packaged.
  • Maxim Wipes Four Pack - This is a set of four boxes of wipes. Again, it prevents regular need to reorder.

It can also be found on the shelves at five Walmart stores in Minnesota; specifically the Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Vadnais Heights, Buffalo and Eden Prairie locations, as of August 2009. Further expansion is planned if sales in these stores prove successful.


Like any other skincare product, Maxim is not perfect for everyone. There are some side effects that can occur with use. The most common ones are:

  • Burning - This side effect is especially prevalent when people apply Maxim to areas of skin that are already irritated or injured. It's not advised to put deodorant Maxim on broken skin.
  • Itching - This is often due to an allergic reaction, especially if the user has sensitive skin. Sometimes itching can be minimized by applying Maxim only to the very center of the armpit in a quick dab.
  • Compensatory sweating - This occurs when the body makes up for the lack of sweating in the underarms by sweating more in other areas. Maxim's manufacturer asserts that this is mild enough not to be a serious problem.

The active ingredient in deodorant Maxim is aluminum chloride. People who are sensitive to aluminum should not use it.

People who use Maxim and see no improvement within a week or two, or who would like to obtain a different treatment for hyperhidrosis, should consult a dermatologist. While Maxim can be a good step towards relief, treatment for the cause of the sweating can help too, especially if it is due to stress or anxiety.

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Deodorant Maxim