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For many who suffer from hyperhidrosis, Drysol deodorant is a life-changer. Available only by prescription, it is an anti-perspirant that, used correctly, will control excessive sweating. While it has its drawbacks, it is a comparatively inexpensive option that those with this problem should consider.

How Drysol Deodorant Works

Most strong commercial anti-perspirants contain some measure of aluminum chloride hexahydrate (AICI3), but are limited in the amount they can use for over-the-counter formulations. Drysol contains a much higher concentration of the chemical, thus effectively controlling excessive sweating. It works not only on underarms but also feet, hands and wherever else you might endure the problem.

The high concentration of aluminum chloride can be irritating, so there are strict instructions for using Drysol deodorant so as to mitigate discomfort, especially when you first begin. It must be applied to perfectly dry, unbroken skin. It's best to apply it at night and sleep in a loose top. You can shower in the morning - that won't compromise the effectiveness. You just want to be very sure you don't shave either before or after application, as you can really irritate your skin. It's not dangerous, but it can burn terribly and tingle for hours.

You only need a few dabs, but you must make sure the armpit is completely covered for full effectiveness. You should experience a major difference after your first application. It's recommended that you use it every night, but some people have found that using it every other night is just as effective and can be less irritating on highly sensitive skin.

Odor Control

It should be noted that, although most people call the product "Drysol deodorant," it is actually not meant for odor control, just sweat. The aluminum blocks the sweat glands, thus keeping you dry. If you feel you need additional odor control, you can use Drysol in combination with a deodorant.

However, it is strongly recommended that you choose a deodorant with no anti-perspirant ingredients whatsoever. Instead, use a good deodorizing soap or opt for a more natural form of odor control to balance the heavy chemicals you are using to control your sweat. A little baking soda works perfectly and is inexpensive as well, counteracting the investment you are making in the Drysol.

Where to Buy Drysol?

Although you are supposed to have a prescription before being allowed to purchase Drysol, there are web sites that will make it available sans prescription. Individuals should be assessed by a doctor prior to using Drysol, as you may not need anything quite so strong to control your sweat.

It's available on Amazon and through some Canadian pharmaceutical sites, but your local pharmacy should have it as well. If you purchase from the pharmacy, you can discuss the product with the pharmacist if you have any concerns.

Other Options

In the last few years, it's been discovered that Botox injections can control hyperhidrosis, and some sufferers prefer to go this route as it involves less use of harsh chemicals. The wider safety questions of Botox for this purpose are largely unanswered, but it is an effective solution.

Another consideration is that hyperhidrosis can be linked to excessive shyness or unease and these can be brought into control with the help of a counselor. There are also more natural means of controlling sweat that can be discussed with a nutritionist or naturopath. Acupuncture and other such methods have been effective for many people and can address other physical concerns as well. The most important point is that excessive sweating is not something you have to live with!

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Drysol Deodorant