Handmade Bath and Body Treats: Product Body Interview

Product Body Founder Joanna Schmidt

Most of us can hardly resist the temptation to pamper and nourish ourselves silly, but a little help from Product Body and suddenly we look forward to showering, exfoliating and moisturizing more than ever. Consider it your chance to indulge in an irresistible spa experience within the comfort of your own home - every single day. We had the chance to speak with Joanna Schmidt, Product Body founder and the genius behind the burgeoning lineup, to learn more about her company and what makes it such a standout.

About Product Body

LoveToKnow: Joanna, thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions! Tell us a bit about the inspiration for your company. How did the idea to start a natural skincare line come about?

Joanna Schmidt: Well, when I was living up in NY, my skin was super dry in the winter. It was cracking and bleeding and very PAINFUL! I started buying lotion after lotion, finding nothing that really worked. I began researching the Internet and seeing if it made any sense to do it myself. After a few weeks and hours and hours of fascinating reading, I began to order oils and butters from suppliers. That's when the seed was planted and the madness began!

LTK: Natural products have earned quite a following in recent years. How does Product Body differ from the competition?

JS: Most of Product Body's products are all natural, and the remainder are mostly natural. Within the Product Body line we have the Mama Bomb line made especially for pregnant /new mothers - it is completely all natural. I do have to say that I am inspired by so much, and I'm excited by desserts and life and creativity bursts from my seams sometimes! There is no way essential oils alone could satisfy my senses for long. That's why my company couldn't just offer completely all-natural products. You just can't get White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee or Sweet Vanilla Mango or Sexy Laundry Day!

Anyway, I think what sets us apart is that I make everything myself. Everyday. Fresh. By Hand. Also, our products ROCK! Our Crush On You sugar scrubby wash is so popular, it's nuts. I use it every day as a face scrub. People wait until payday to run out and buy it. My sister-in-law in Scotland is in a panic when she gets to the scraping point...people are true addicts with this stuff. It is THAT GOOD.

Other than the fresh and wonderful products, I answer emails, phone calls, offer advice, run the formulary, the retail shop, ship, sell, do PR...I am so personally involved in every aspect of my business and I care so deeply about my customers, peers, colleagues and mentors, it's amazing I get anything done. But really, it's all about everything being freshly made when the order is placed. It doesn't get much better than that!

The Products


LTK: Give us a rundown of the Product Body lineup. What do you recommend consumers check out first, particularly if they're just starting to use a proper natural skincare regimen?JS: Crush On You is an awesome product - it's a sugar scrub with pH balanced cleanser, shea butter and organic sunflower oil. It feels like cookie dough and washes off cleanly with no oily residue. No drippy oils! Your skin will feel like a baby's bottom when you rinse off. No kidding. (We made this as a body and hand scrub, but our customers have shared with us that it makes for the best facial scrub, EVER, and it does!)

Crème Fresh is made with the freshest ingredients on the market and hand blended into a rich, deeply moisturizing body cream.

Sugarfoot is an emulsified foot scrub that feels like fluffy, sugar-packed cake batter, but washes off cleanly. It's packed with pure sugar to exfoliate skin and a blend of organic coconut oil, shea butter and coconut milk to moisturize and recondition your aching feet.

Mama Bomb™ Original Bomb is a proprietary blend of wonderful fresh butters and oils (including cocoa butter, shea butter, olive butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and vitamin E to name but a few), Mama Bomb is just what you need, whether it's growing larger by the week or not. Boom! You're soft.

LTK: Are your products safe for all skin types, even those who are very sensitive?

JS: For people who have sensitive skin types, I would suggest all natural or unscented products to begin with and then go from there. Our customers have had no issues. I have had people who have had skin issues tell me that a lot of my fragrances are non-irritating, but, again, I would start with unscented and natural first.

Around the Corner

LTK: Fall is right around the corner. What is your recommended skincare regimen as we make the transition to cooler weather?

JS: It's important to exfoliate to remove the dead, summer skin and then moisturize and protect the new skin. So, exfoliate and moisturize. Then, get a balm for the frigid weather for nighttime use. That would be my recommendation.

LTK: Finally, what does the future hold for Product Body - any big plans?

JS: Well, yes....but you will just have to hold your breath and hold tight for now! Follow my blog, located here. Things will start moving in that direction in a few months...

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Handmade Bath and Body Treats: Product Body Interview