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Heated Lotion Dispenser

lotion dispenser
Conair Lotion Dispenser

To some, a heated lotion dispenser is a luxury item. However, once you experience the soothing warmth of electrically heated lotion making contact with your skin on a cold winter's day, you might find that the skincare device is hard to live without.

About Heated Lotion Dispensers

During the winter months, many people use lotion to alleviate dry, cracked skin. However, no one enjoys spreading ice cold lotion on her skin after exiting a hot shower, hence the invention of the heated lotion dispenser.

The skincare device, which was once reserved for upscale spas, is now available in retail stores, such as Target and Walmart. These days you no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars to be pampered by warm lotion at an expensive resort. Instead, you can bring the spa experience home by purchasing a dispenser that heats hand and body lotion to the perfect temperature. The portable device is designed to fit on counter tops in your bathroom or kitchen. You can also place the discreet lotion dispenser on your desk without compromising your home or office's décor.

Heated Lotion Dispenser Options

Luxurious lotion dispensers, which preheat skincare products, sell for less than $50 and are readily available online and in most retail stores. The two most popular brands include:


Conair is the leader in the warm lotion dispenser industry. The company offers two versions of the device, but the HLD20P model is its most popular.

The dispenser warms up to 16 ounces of lotion in just two minutes. Other notable features include:

  • A variable heat control panel that allows you to create the desired level of lotion warmth
  • A one-hour auto shutoff, which is designed to keep the dispenser from overheating
  • An on/off touch pad with red and green indicator lights that indicate when the lotion is properly heated
  • A one-touch pump depressor
  • A six-foot cord

In addition, Conair's hot lotion dispenser includes a removable reservoir that is dishwasher safe. While the device is not appropriate for oils, the dispenser works with a variety of hand and body lotions.


Whitehall's lotion warmer heats lotions, creams, oils or gels to just above body temperature. The device's patented "Uni-Sleeve" is equipped with multiple enclosures to insure consistent heating for individual skincare products. In addition, the separate sections safely isolate the electrical components. Other standout features of Whitehall's lotion warmer dispenser include:

  • An illuminated on/off rocker switch
  • A six-foot grounded power cord
  • Table/wall mounting hardware and instructions
  • Ability to hold eight, 12- or 16-ounce bottles of lotion, creams and gels

Pros and Cons

Warm lotion gives your skin a softer, silkier feel. Thanks to heated lotion dispensers, you can experience this luxury in your own home without spending a ton of money. Heated dispensers improve the soothing power of lotion by warming it up, and having one in your home can make for great massages. However, there are some drawbacks associated with the compact device, the main one being that it is decadent. The price of commercial lotion warming devices is about $50, but that doesn't include the cost of electricity to keep it functioning. In addition, in order to keep an entire container of lotion from drying out, most dispensers heat small amounts of skincare products at one time. This means you are able to pump out a single portion of lotion, but have to wait a bit for the next squirt to heat up.

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Heated Lotion Dispenser