Homemade Bubble Bath

 bubble bath is that much more luxurious when you make it yourself.

Although it's certainly cheap enough to buy, it can be fun and rewarding to use homemade bubble bath. Whether for kids, as a gift, or just for oneself, a bubble bath is always special. When it consists of inexpensive natural ingredients that you've put together just for you, it's that much more fabulous.

The Basics of Homemade Bubble Bath

For those who are regular bubble bathers, it may seem hard to believe that anything you can make at home would be as effective. You want mounds of bubbles that last as long as the water stays hot, not just a few odd suds. Be prepared to be amazed, because done right, you can indeed get a very bubbly bath using no additives whatsoever.

The basic ingredients for a homemade bubble bath are:

  • Grated soap or soap flakes
  • Water
  • Glycerin (be sure to use a vegetarian version)
  • Essential oil (if you want a scented bath)

Some people advocate using shampoo, but if you go this route, be sure to use organic shampoo, as the harsh chemicals in regular brands should not have that much contact with your skin, especially the genitals.

Unlike other homemade bath items, such as salts or body scrubs, making bubble bath can take a little bit of effort. The easiest mix may not be the sudsiest, but it's a good start. Combine a cup of pure castile soap with 3/4 cup of water, a teaspoon of glycerin and a few drops of essential oil. Pour them all into a reusable bottle - preferably shatterproof glass - and add a few drops to the next bath. Experiment to determine how much you really need.

The more involved method of making homemade bubble bath combines the grated or bar soap, a quart of water and one or one and a half ounces of glycerin over the stove on low heat. When the soap has dissolved, wait until the mixture has cooled completely, then add essential oil. Store in a large glass container and add as needed.

Making Scents

Kids aren't particularly interested in a scented bath, but women find it one of the most relaxing things in the world. You should continually experiment with a scent and moisturizing ingredient that works for you. When using essential oils, however, be very frugal. You might be surprised how far just one drop can go. Furthermore, it can be overwhelming in a hot tub, so if you want more in the way of fragrance, try other things such as almond or coconut oil.

These two oils are especially nice to add for extra moisture. Baths can be drying, so if you're going to soak for a long time, you definitely want something moisturizing in there so you don't end up a giant prune.

Don't forget that a drop or two of vanilla makes everything yummier.

Keeping It Organic

Although you can use any soap or shampoo to make your bubble bath, castile is far and away the most preferable. It's the most natural soap there is and dissolves well for a nice bubble bath. In fact, castile soap is such an effective cleanser that you can use it while in the bath to wash your hair. Afterwards, you can use more castile soap to clean the tub, if it needs it.

Castile soap has been around for years but has been enjoying a resurgence of late because of its low price, organic ingredients and extreme versatility. You can even make your own castile soap if you want to get really ambitious. The most popular commercial brand is Dr. Bronner, which comes in a variety of scents and is certified organic. If you start using it for everything and feel uneasy about all the plastic bottles, although they are recyclable, you might try getting bars and melting them, then storing the remainder in your own reusable jugs. When it comes to something as intimate as a bath, you want to keep it as natural, and thus clean, as possible.

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