Mens Complexion Problems

Many men have skin problems!

Men's complexion problems vary and range from ingrown hairs to full blown acne. While many complexion nuisances are easily treated, some conditions may require professional dermatologist care. Here's a look at a few common skin conditions many men face.

Common Men's Complexion Problems

The following men's complexion problems top the list as most problematic. Most men at one point or another will experience several of these nuisances. Taking care of your skin daily and seeking professional treatment as needed will help you control and minimize the effects of your skin problems.


Acne is one of the most common skin complaints. If you're suffering from breakouts, make sure you're cleansing and removing dirt and oil daily. A buildup of residue will clog pores and cause skin to form blackheads, whiteheads and, eventually, pimples. Most men experience acne during puberty. If your breakouts become embarrassing or excessive, you may want to meet with a professional dermatologist to discuss acne treatment options.


Men are just as prone to wrinkles as women, especially if they spend hours outdoors without sun protection or engage in heavy smoking and drinking. When men hit their 30s, it's time to start applying a night cream daily to help plump the skin while hydrating the surface. Bear in mind that while wrinkles can be genetic, lifestyle influences play a role, too. Drink plenty of water and incorporate a healthy diet while implementing a weekly exercise schedule to keep wrinkles in control.

Ingrown Hair

Most commonly associated with shaving, common red bumps on the skin are known as ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can be treated at home by applying warm compresses to the problematic area. The warm compress will help open the pores while drawing out the hair. In the future, it helps to use a shaving cream and an after shave lotion or toner to close the pores and prevent ingrown hairs.


While men and women may both experience ruddy skin discoloration, without the use of cosmetics, many men find this complexion condition difficult to minimize. While ruddy skin is often an inherited trait, the varying causes can also be linked to medication, stress and overexposure to chemicals or environmental factors. Ruddy skin may be treatable with professional help. Make sure you meet with a dermatologist to discuss options if your condition worsens.

Too Pretty

Although not the norm, some men are blessed with complexions so perfect, they may suffer from a "too pretty" syndrome. If your complexion is porcelain with little flaws, you may find growing facial hair is a suitable way to treat the pretty boy syndrome. Bear in mind, perfect skin is coveted, so enjoy your youth and its beauty while you can.

Treat Your Condition

No matter the condition, there may be a treatment option that will help minimize or reduce the appearance of your symptoms. While most men tend to be footloose and carefree about their appearance, it's important to treat as many skin problems as you can to avoid embarrassing outbreaks and future complaints. Beautiful skin is a journey that requires maintenance, care and lifestyle changes. If you want to improve your complexion and reduce your skin nuisances, make sure you take care of yourself and address any issues with your dermatologist as needed, while following their after care advice or treatment plan.

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Mens Complexion Problems