Natural Skin Care for Teens: Glory for Girls Interview

Brittany Clotfelter, founder of Glory for Girls
Brittany Clotfelter

With the interest in greener living growing stronger every day, it seems only fitting that more and more beauty companies are touting lineups chock-full of beneficial, natural ingredients. Among them is Glory for Girls, an innovative skincare collection designed especially for savvy "tween" and teenage girls. We spoke with company founder Brittany Clotfelter to learn more about what inspired her to start the line, get the full scoop on the products and even take a sneak peek at what's coming up in the future.

About Glory for Girls

LoveToKnow: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Brittany! Tell us a bit about the inspiration for Glory for Girls. How did the idea come about?

Brittany Clotfelter: My daughter came home from a party with colorful makeup and bath products that caused her to break out. I began reading labels looking for products without artificial colors and fragrances, parabens and other synthetic ingredients. More importantly, they were marketing it as real beauty for girls, but there was very little real about it. What I found were virtually no products that were safe, healthy, made just for girls and still "cool" enough for them to actually want to use. So I created Glory for Girls.

LTK: Natural products have definitely enjoyed greater popularity over the past few years. How does Glory for Girls differ from other lines?

BC: Glory was developed and designed for girls to give them something fun and fresh to use while they were just starting to experiment with skincare products and their own self-image. The current market is dominated by products for infants and then it jumps to products for acne - nothing to help girls create lifelong habits. We wanted to create a line that embodies the message that it is hip to be yourself, to take pride and responsibility for what you do, how you act and how you feel about yourself.

The Products

Glory for Girls Natural Skin Care Kit
Glory for Girls Basics Kit

LTK: Give us a rundown of the Glory for Girls lineup. What do you recommend consumers check out first, particularly if they're just starting to use a proper natural skincare regimen?

BC: We tried to incorporate how and when to use the product into their actual names. For instance, Everyday Face & Body is really for everyday use in the tub or shower. And our All the Time Sunscreen is meant to reinforce the benefits of sun protection. We didn't want girls to have any questions about how often to use the products. We recommend starting with the Everyday Face & Body Wash, Lotion and Sunscreen (THE BASICS) and then the Everyday Deodorant for those who are ready. It's aluminum-free and a favorite of girls and moms alike. For fun, we recommend the Coconut Scrub, which is like a home-spa treatment. And for troubled skin, try our Clarifying Pads and Clarifying Lotion, which contain natural exfoliants and healing properties for radiant skin.

LTK: Are your products safe for all skin types, even those who are very sensitive or acne-prone?

BC: Our products have all been allergy tested and clinically tested and are good for all skin types and all ages.

The Glory Girl Lifestyle

LTK: How would you define the typical "Glory Girl"?

BC: She is confident and socially responsible. She also has a sense style and has a positive self-image that embraces uniqueness and encourages self-expression. A "Glory Girl" is full of possibilities and can be taken seriously no matter what her age.

LTK: Considering so many habits are formed during the tween and teen years, you have the potential to make such a huge difference in the way girls approach their beauty regimens as they grow older! Do you think green beauty could one day be the norm for everyone?

BC: We certainly hope so! As for all products and lifestyle choices, we learn as we grow. We've taken the position that if you can meet several needs with one solution, making good choices becomes easier. That's why we created a line that is just as beautiful as it is useful. Being green doesn't mean you have to make sacrifices that force you to choose between style and aesthetics or principles. You can have an iconic beauty regimen that is fun, fresh, safe and green (including recyclable packaging and bio-degradable formulas)!

The Future

LTK: Finally, what does the future hold for Glory for Girls?

BC: We are currently developing our shampoo and conditioner, as well as personal scents that are based on essential oils. We are so excited about the future especially when everyone wins! Mothers and daughters can share in the experience or girls can relish on their own.

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Natural Skin Care for Teens: Glory for Girls Interview