Restylane for Puffy Eyes


Countless women are discovering the healing powers of Restylane for puffy eyes.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

There are a few culprits behind puffy and swollen eyes. Your skin around the eye area is very sensitive and prone to puffiness and complications due to its unique combination of thin protection and plentiful blood vessels. While puffy eyes can be a symptom of a more serious illness, they are usually caused by age, lack of sleep, and stress. Fortunately, puffy eyes can be easily reversed, especially with the help of a Restylane treatment.

What is Restylane?

Given to thousands of women every year, Restylane is only available through a doctor's prescription and is often used to treat puffy and aging eyes. It is a natural dermal filler able to bring back the fullness your skin begins to lose with age, stress, or chronic fatigue. It is not normally given to those with minor eye puffiness; instead it is reserved for those who are experiencing devastating skin damage and need an intense solution.

Restylane is composed of hyaluronic acid, which is already found inside of the body. It hydrates your skin, and the product works to simulate this process.

Using Restylane for Puffy Eyes

Restylane is the only cosmetic filler that does not contain an animal base. This means that allergic reactions are often minimal and there is less of a need for pre-screening before treatments can be performed. It is also popular due to the fact that it lasts longer than other injections, often going strong for over 6 months.

Getting a Restylane treatment is a quick process, always completed within half an hour. During the procedure you will receive injections that release minuscule amounts of Restylane into your eye area. The results can be seen almost immediately, and many women have gotten a treatment on their lunch hour, only to return to their office younger and healthier looking. It can also be used to add fullness to the lips and to reduce wrinkles in this area as well. Pain is minimal for a Restylane treatment, and while the eye area is usually very sensitive, many women experience such a small amount of pain they do not even consider it a determining factor when choosing the procedure.

The needles used to inject Restylane for puffy eyes are very small, leaving no mark or recovery requirement for the patient. If you are still nervous, you many request a topical anesthetic. Women are allowed to receive treatments twice a year. Your skin will respond to these procedures in various ways based upon age, your skin type, and your daily life routine. A pre-consultation can usually give you an idea of what to expect both during the procedure and following.

Cost and Side Effects

While side effects are minimal when you receive Restylane for puffy eyes, some women do experience slight swelling and redness. These are usually quite mild and usually vanish within a couple of days. Again, your doctor is able to help you predict what exactly you may experience based upon your body's specific components. Due to its lack of animal base, it is almost impossible to contract an allergic reaction or serious illness from the treatment. A Restylane treatment just means adding more of an ingredient already naturally produced by your body. This makes it low risk and desirable to many people.

The cost of a Restylane treatment can range from $200-500. It depends upon the type of procedure you are receiving, and which doctor you select. Contact your physician of choice to discuss exact pricing. It is recommended you go with a doctor who is board certified. This will protect you from any malpractice or inadequate treatment. Do your homework and research various doctors before trusting them with anything as valuable as your eyes.

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Restylane for Puffy Eyes