Skin Problem Pictures

Image of a boy with a measles rash

If you have an unusual rash or skin disorder, looking at skin problem photos can help you find answers. At the very least, photos can give you a starting point for finding solutions to your own pesky rashes.

Images of Various Skin Disorders

Poison ivy skin rash
Poison ivy rash
Man with multiple mosquito bites on his legs
Mosquito bites
Closeup photo of skin hives
Closeup of hives
Psoriasis on a man's arm
Closeup photo of a chicken pox sore
Closeup of chicken pox sore
Severe allergic reaction appearing on a girl's back
Severe allergic reaction
Varicose veins showing through the skin
Varicose veins
Spider veins showing through the skin
Spider veins

Consult a Physician

Photos and websites can't replace your doctor, though. If your rash doesn't have an obvious cause, such as allergic reaction or insect bite, and it doesn't go away within a couple of days, a visit to your doctor's office is in order. While most skin problems are harmless, some are more serious and require treatment.

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Skin Problem Pictures