Summer Skin Care


Good summer skin care is necessary for the health of your skin as the weather warms up and families go play outside!

The Importance of Summer Skin Care

Everyone loves spring and summertime with its blue skies and perfect picnic weather. However, those warm days can also bring a new host of skincare issues you need to know how to deal with. From UVA rays to pool chlorine, it's important that you are ready and prepared to keep your skin healthy and protected from the elements of summer.

With young people especially, there is a feeling of "invincibility" that comes with their skincare. It is a rare thing for teenagers to worry about the effects of the sun and water on their skin, and many do not concentrate on anti-aging until it is too late. Now is the time to educate yourself about summer skin care risks and get on the road toward prevention and victory over wrinkles and sun damage.

Common Summer Risks

Through all of that camping, hiking, swimming, and lawn napping, you should know what is going into your skin as you are relaxing and loving the warm weather.

Sunshine Not So Sweet

Getting some sun in your life is important. It is good for your health up to a certain extent. Sunshine helps your body to release vitamin D, which protects you against cancer. However, when you go out into the sun - even for short periods of time - it is important to use sunscreen.

The sun may seem like a blessing, but it can also be a curse filled with sunburns and premature aging. While moderate sun exposure jump-starts cancer protection, too much sun can increase your likelihood of developing it. Always protect yourself by limiting your sun exposure. Wearing hats and a safe sunscreen (see below) can keep you healthy and ready for that next vacation.

Dangerous Sunscreens

Just when you thought sunscreen was the best solution, you find out some formulations can actually be dangerous. Does this mean you shouldn't use sunscreen? Absolutely not. While some sunblocks have been shown to contain ingredients that may cause cancer, there are plenty of alternatives available. Try a toxic-free sunscreen available online or in health food locations. Going for all natural sun and skincare is always a good move, and sunscreen should be included in this goal. Shielding lotions are also available for use in combination with sunblock so you can limit the amount used and keep yourself protected.

Information about sun-preventing formulas and their dangers are available online. Do your homework before purchasing any sun protectant.


Chlorine is a damaging culprit of summer skin care as it strips our skin of its top protective layer. You may notice that you feel dry or itchy after swimming for long periods of time. Beyond this, it unfortunately can also damage your lungs. Many water athletes develop asthma due to excessive chlorine inhalation.

What can you do to stop this? First of all, realize that chlorine is also found in water at home. Use filters on your shower and drinking water to reduce the amount of chlorine you digest. Secondly, use an all-natural disinfectant in your pool if you have one. Lastly, protect yourself with shielding lotion and shower immediately after swimming.

Insect Repellant

Spending time in nature can be great fun, and when it comes to summer skincare and the great outdoors, bug repellent is a must. The unfortunate part is that most skincare products designed to kill can also be semi-toxic to you. While most of these items are safe for adults, they can be damaging to children. Look for a natural alternative that does not contain N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET). This is the ingredient to avoid, as it is unhealthy and unnecessary for insect prevention.

The Benefits of Summer

While this all may seem depressing and dire, the truth of the matter is summer is a great time to give your body positive benefits as well. Exercise that comes with being outside is ideal for a healthy glow and proper circulation, which can help your skin look fresh and vibrant.

Summer also brings a chance to try new cosmetics such as shimmers and pinks that are usually too light for the winter months. Take the time to do some research on your own and discover all of the great alternatives to typical summer skin care that are available for purchase. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to maintain great skin health and still have fun during the summer months.

Summer Skin Care