Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent Deodorant

The Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent deodorant was a favorite of men, but there are other options.

For the many loyal users wondering how to get their Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent deodorant, the unfortunate answer is that it has been effectively discontinued. Amazon still has a listing for it, although the site notes that the product is currently unavailable. There is as yet no word as to whether it will be manufactured again with the same name. An almost identical Sure product has been made instead, but as consumers note, it is also more expensive.

Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent Deodorant

The Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent deodorant was a favorite of men who liked the cleanliness of the soft solid application and the masculinity of the scent. They also appreciated the reasonable price. With a very slight tweak in its ingredient makeup, the product is now Sure Max Clinical Power Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant. The packaging has a very modern flair, but there does not seem to be any logic for the product being more expensive than its predecessor.

It is also worth noting that not everyone thinks the Max Clinical Power works as well as Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent deodorant. Although it claims to provide the strongest protection against sweat and odor that you can get short of using a prescription deodorant like Drysol, some have found that it doesn't hold up on hot summer days, making it a great disappointment.

Other Options

Even for those who otherwise prefer more natural skin care, deodorant is a complex issue. Western notions of bodily functions, odor and cleanliness are deeply ingrained for men and women alike. To be fair, earlier versions of more natural and healthier deodorants were often at best only moderately effective. Great improvements have since been made.

There are those who will argue that some common deodorant and anti-perspirant ingredients that are considered harmful are perfectly safe and that the science is unclear and divided. However, enough evidence shows that aluminum and zinc have the potential to be carcinogenic and disrupt hormones. Other worrying ingredients found in most commercial deodorants include: diethanolamine (DEA), formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, fragrance and parabens.

When it comes to the skin under your arms, you want to exercise particular care in your products. This is some of the most delicate, sensitive skin on your body. It is also highly absorbent, with many lymph nodes right under the surface. While anti-perspirants do not, in fact, cause breast cancer - as has been alleged - you still want to be mindful of what you use.

Since the Sure product was so prized by men, here are some natural deodorants that are geared towards the needs of men:

  • Terra Firma Naturals
  • Jason All Natural
  • Burt's Bees Men's Natural (most Burt's Bees products are also rated high on various green sites for their commitment to health and the environment, as well as effectiveness)
  • Earth Science Liken Natural
  • Thai Deodorant Stones
  • Nature's Gate Natural

Make Your Own Deodorant

It may sound like a joke or something out of an aging hippie's handbook, but in fact you can search for homemade deodorant recipes and come up with many modern suggestions. While it does take more time and effort, it is healthier and absolutely dirt cheap. It's worth experimenting to see what works for you. The most basic solution is to mix baking soda (great for killing poor smells, which is why it's also a wonderful cleaning agent) and cornstarch, which also kills scent and absorbs moisture. Dab on damp skin and allow to dry. Obviously, you'll need to reapply after a workout and may feel you want something stronger. But experiment first - you may end up being pleasantly surprised.

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Sure Soft Solid Sport Scent Deodorant