Tussy Deodorant


In either the roll-on or cream form, Tussy deodorant has been a favorite for over 70 years. Unfortunately, it has lately become difficult to find, thanks to the sale of its owner to KCM Brands. Many users have contacted KCM in the hopes of getting the old, "unimproved" version of Tussy back on the shelves where it belongs.

Tussy Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant

Many longtime users absolutely rave about Tussy, having found that it's the only deodorant/anti-perspirant combination that really does the trick. In fact, some people note that they came to use it because their grandparents did and still do. Devotees find it effective and long-lasting, no matter how sweaty you might get.

The original form of Tussy deodorant was a cream, which can be tricky to use initially until you get the hang of it. Some complain that it is messy, but a cream deodorant, old-fashioned though it may be, is actually more efficient. It's also more cost-effective. Once you figure out how much you need, you usually dab on less than would be applied with a roll-on. And you end up using it all the way down to the last drop, because you can see how much is in the jar. Plus, the jars tend to be easier to recycle than the roll-on containers, so it's more environmentally conscious as well. You tend to need far less of the cream than you think. Those who complain about the stickiness, mess and slow-drying are usually using too much. Once dry, it adheres well and does not stain clothes.

You can also buy Tussy as a roll-on, which many people prefer for its simplicity of use and report it to be as fully effective as the cream.

Finding Tussy

Unfortunately for adherents, Tussy deodorant has experienced a number of changes in its fortunes. As with so many brands, the original company was sold and then sold again. There was an "improvement" made to the formula by a new owner in 2008 that most longtime users found to be less effective. Some even found that it could cause a rash, which had never been the case previously. At present, Tussy is owned by KCM Brands and is available, but only online at retailers like Amazon. While that's a relief to those who thought they were completely out of luck, it is frustrating for some of the older users who preferred to buy it in their local drugstores. Older users who are online are quick to point out in every forum available that another advantage of Tussy was that, in addition to being effective, easy on sensitive skin and pleasant-smelling, it was very reasonably priced. By making it nearly unavailable, it becomes yet another item that seniors have to replace with something that is in all likelihood more expensive - very difficult for people on fixed incomes. It is even more frustrating when the new item doesn't work as well.

Young and old alike are hoping that KCM Brands revert to the old formula for Tussy deodorant and start making it available in shops again. As they are quick to point out, when it is there, it goes flying right off the shelves. Active and engaged consumers can contact KCM Brands at the following location:

KCM Brands, LLC 2182 Route 35 South Holmdel, NJ 07733 Phone: 1-732-203-0900

There is nothing like serious consumer activism to help revive a beloved brand. Devotees should consider getting yet more active and circulate a petition to present to KCM, showing the sheer numbers ready and eager to buy their tried-and-true Tussy.

In the meantime, however, both the cream and the roll-on continue to be available at Amazon, at the familiar reasonable price.


Tussy Deodorant