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Victorian Skin Care Retreat


A Victorian skin care retreat is a fun and unique way to get in some relaxation while improving the condition of your skin at the same time.

Enjoying Time Away

A Victorian skin care retreat combines the comfort and simplicity of Victorian times with the benefits of modern-day skin care treatments. Many have never considered this unique combination; however those women who have experienced one of these themed getaways across the United States agree it is a wonderful time of relaxation and rejuvenation.

At such a retreat, you will find a variety of services available. While they obviously vary by location, most Victorian spas will include facials, massages, foot and hand care, hair removal procedures and alternative medicinal healing. Many also offer services for men, as well as wedding packages perfectly suited for a bride and all of her favorite ladies.

Looking for the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life? Check out some of these Victorian skin care retreats located all over the map:

A Victorian Day Spa - Connecticut

Located in West Hartford, A Victorian Day Spa is the perfect east coast destination for someone looking to get away from it all. They have a wide variety of packages available, including their Mother & Daughter Day service, which includes a facial, massage and nail treatments. From simple to truly luxurious, the spa is located in a Victorian house, capturing the essence of days gone past as you relax and recharge.

Spa Habitat - Texas

Spa Habitat has a modern website and some of the most cutting edge beauty treatments around. However, their services are provided out of a rustic old home in historic downtown Plano.

Spa Habitat is unique in its offerings, as their skincare procedures are 100% organic. Perfect for individuals with sensitive skin and/or concerns for the environment, this is the ideal destination for a day of pampering while indulging in all the beauty benefits nature has to offer.

Victorian Salon & Day Spa - California

With more of a city feel than its counterparts, Victorian Salon & Day Spa in Riverside provide some outstanding services. They also perform minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including anti-aging collagen treatments. Check out their staff profiles if you want to catch a glimpse at who will be administering the treatments you request. Victorian Salon & Day Spa is a perfect place to get a whole new look, as their variety of beauty specialties cover a wide spectrum. From hair to nails to skincare, you can receive it all in one spot.

Design Your Own Victorian Skin Care Retreat

As popular as Victorian skin care retreats are in certain regions, many women find they do not have a location near them. However there is no reason why you cannot throw your own Victorian skin care retreat, right out of the comfort of your own home.

While you may not have a historic house, you can still capture the feel of the era, and even indulge in some products from the turn of the century. Purchase some white or ivory ceramic bowls, and fill them with hot water to create your own steam facial. You can also take advantage of the various homemade therapy methods available on the Internet if you are looking for a fun and era-appropriate activity. Small and decorative Victorian soaps were also very popular, so consider purchasing an inexpensive soap making kit at your local craft store.

If you would rather partake in more modern skin care remedies, get together with some girlfriends and consider renting a room in a bed and breakfast. This will give you the vintage feel of a Victorian retreat, and you can bring your own skin care products to treat yourself to facials and manicures. You can also give each other makeovers with some popular makeup brands of today, which happened to originate at the turn of the century, such as Max Factor.

Victorian skin care retreats are a wonderful way to spend a soothing weekend, whether you take a trip to be pampered or choose to design your own products and agenda.

Victorian Skin Care Retreat