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If you want to buy Pevonia Botanica online, you have several options for purchasing the luxurious skincare line.

Shop Pevonia

You can buy Pevonia Botanica online through the company's official website,, which is an easy-to-navigate site that offers many features for their customers. Browse cleansers, exfoliants, serums, and any of the other products in the Pevonia line by product type, the name of the product, or the type of treatment. You can also browse by best-selling products and read about special featured products. Other features of the Shop Pevonia site include:

  • Free shipping on any order
  • A Deal-of-the-Week promotion
  • Free gifts and samples with your order
  • Contests
  • Customer product reviews

There is also a special resource section of the Pevonia Shop that include skin care articles and tips, a beauty blog, how-to product videos, and media and celebrity infotmation. When you purchase from the Pevonia site, you can also easily track your order. If you are dissatisfied with any item you've purchased from the site, you can return it within thirty days.

Other Sites to Buy Pevonia Botanica Online

There are also several other online skin care shops which sell Pevonia Botanica products. These include:

  • Derm Store: This online skin scare specialty store sells products from dozens of well-respected skin care lines, including Pevonia Botanica.
  • Essential Day Spa: A leader in skin care 1983, Essential Day Spa's site offers a wide range of Pevonia products.
  • Ariva: The site for Ariva, an Illinois-based spa, also sells Pevonia products online.

For Spa Professionals

Foe spa professionals interested in purchasing Pevonia products for use in a salon or spa contact them directly through their website.

If you've visited a spa and had a Pevonia treatment, you'll want to maintain your great skin at home. If you've never experienced the skin care line, you can easily do so and create your own spa at home by purchasing these natural items online.

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Buy Pevonia Botanica Online