Pevonia Aromatic Seaweed Bath

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Is there anything more relaxing after a long day than a Pevonia aromatic seaweed bath? If there is, it probably requires traveling to and from a salon, spa, or massage parlor. The good news is that you can get that just-from-the-spa feeling with bath products from the comfort of home.

About the Pevonia Brand

The Pevonia brand is used widely by spas, salons, and other health and beauty sectors for its green skincare line of products. They are formulated to soften and smooth the face, skin, and whole body without making a heavy environmental footprint. The Pevonia products are not tested on animals, and are packaged with 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Pevonia Aromatic Seaweed Bath

The Pevonia aromatic seaweed bath is an anti-stress product perfect for between-spa trips or just to use for your own spa-away-from-spa experience.

Some of the characteristics of this seaweed bath that make it so special include:


Seaweed and ocean vegetables in particular are great for skin, and are often in for all sorts of spa treatments, such as facials and soaks. These vegetables contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, and powerful vitamins that help heal and refresh the skin. Additionally, seaweed is known for its healthy ability to draw out toxins from the skin, while nourishing and providing moisture and nutrients to make the skin soft and conditioned.

Pine Needle Essential Oil

Another key ingredient in this Pevonia product, pine needle essential oil, has been used for years to treat respiratory issues, soothe achy muscles, and promote a healthy immune system. In this seaweed bath, it works to soothe muscles and relax the mind, which are both important for those looking for a spa bath experience.

A Treat for All the Senses

A true spa experience caters to the all the senses. You should be comfortable and relaxed. The environment should be tranquil. Soft hues and music can set the mood. Candles are also a nice touch. For your aromatherapy needs, the makers of this Pevonia bath have you covered. This particular product indulges the senses with aromatherapy, detoxifies your skin, and leaves you feeling fresh, clean, and relaxed. What more could you ask for from a spa skin treatment experience?

How to Use a Seaweed Bath

To use this rejuvenating bath, just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Run a hot bath.
  2. Add a small amount of the seaweed bath to the running water.
  3. Soak for about 10 minutes.
  4. To smooth rough skin, use a pumice stone lightly on your heels, rough areas of the feet, and your elbows.

Note: To add to the effect, consider lighting candles or playing music softly in the background. If you are a reader, pull out a good book or your favorite magazine. Follow up your bath by drying off with a plush bath towel and wearing a comfortable bath robe.

Finding a Spa

The Pevonia products are used by many high-end spas all over the country and the world. If you prefer to get the real spa experience in person, go to the Pevonia website to find a spa near you that carries these unique and earth-friendly bath and body products.

Additionally, these products are available for purchase online.

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Pevonia Aromatic Seaweed Bath