Sexy Pedicure

Youthful French Pedicure

A sexy pedicure will have your feet ready for any occasion. With an attractive pedicure, you can confidently wear glitzy open-toed heels or warm weather sandals. Besides looking beautiful and healthy, your feet will feel better, too. Enjoy a little "me time" by giving yourself an at-home pedicure, or visit a salon for a pampering treatment. The process should include a loofah treatment, nail clipping and color application. With so many nail colors available, you can change your look frequently. Whether you coordinate your color with your fingernail polish or choose something completely different, you'll look and feel pulled together and elegant.

One popular nail treatment is the French pedicure. Rounded or squared nails receive a shiny coat and are tipped with white polish for a look that is youthful and playful.

Sexy Reds

Hollywood starlets love wearing red. It is flirtatious, glamorous and perfect for a sexy pedicure. A red pedicure is a good choice for holiday wear or anytime you want your toes to garner some attention.

Daisy Toes

Spruce up your girl next door pedicure by adding flirty nail art to your largest toes. A whimsical heart, a flower or your initials will set your toes apart. Stick-on decals make it easy to get a pretty look.

Silver Strappy Shoes

For feet that sparkle, wear a pair of silver shoes with open toes and delicate-looking straps. Sometimes the shoe makes even a plain pedicure look hot.

Hot Pink

Perky pink toes say, "Look at me!" Get him to help you paint your digits for some sensual fun. Don't be shy if you prefer a bold pedicure - opt for a bright pink over a demure pearl if you want something eye catching.

Pedicures and Cocktails

Headed out for a few drinks with friends? Be inspired with a retro pedicure like the ones you see on Mad Men. Spruce up your toenails with a dark cranberry or burgundy polish. Dark polish complements that little black dress perfectly.

Glitzy Toes

Shimmer and shine will grab that special someone's attention. Add glitz to your pedicure by gluing tiny stones to your toenails. Slide on a matching toe ring and you will have one funky, attractive look.

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Sexy Pedicure